To fight against scam and rip-off products Enigin PLC launch new initiative: The Enigin Scam Busters

Enigin PLC launch new initiative: The Enigin Scam Busters

enigin scamA critical component to help you to make informed decisions about energy saving opportunities and priorities is now readily available from Enigin PLC… and what’s more it could start making you money and increasing your profits from day one!

Against a background of escalating energy costs and the very real threat of reductions in the availability of power on the National Grid in the near future, is it any wonder people are desperate to find new effective ways of reducing their energy consumption and demand as a means of both securing their future business, and getting their costs under control.

There are many new emerging technologies that are capable of delivering positive results, and prudent companies need to evaluate these. However there seems to be at least an equal number of scam and rip-off offerings that on face value make wild and exaggerated claims of reducing energy consumption but in practice are little more than bogus scam products that are packaged with the primary goal; to rip-off YOU the client.

Apart from leaving a very nasty taste in your mouth and doing great harm to what otherwise is a highly ethical industry, these kind of scam and rip-offs can prevent individuals and organizations, who are keen to take a responsible approach to energy management, from taking action for fear of being victim of a scam or rip-off.

So… does than mean the best course of action is to do nothing?

No! Reducing the amount of money you spend on energy is probably one of the best decisions you could make. However, just as with other business decisions that you make each and every day you need the facts. Hard factual information to enable you to weigh up the cost and benefits – including clear projections on exactly how quickly you can expect to see a return on your investment of both time and money. You need this provided in a secure, risk-free environment where YOU are in control of the data.

This is where the much needed help from Enigin PLC comes in: The New Enigin Scam Buster Eniscope… it’s the one sure way you can guarantee you will never again be at risk of being the victim of a scam or rip-off bogus offering.

So how can the Enigin Scam Buster Team help you and your organization?

It’s really quite easy once you have fully appreciated the benefits available to you from the installation of Enigin PLC’s flagship product: Eniscope.

Eniscope is a Real Time Energy Management System that monitors over 100 electrical parameters within you facility, and sends this information to any PC, laptop or hand help device (like an iPad or iPhone) anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Information about your energy usage profile is delivered in salient graphical images on both ‘real-time’ and ‘historical analytical’ displays that are easy to understand. We take the nonsense out of energy management by giving you your own full-time ‘virtual’ Energy Manager 24/7/365.

Because your energy is now VISIBLE - you are able to see with ‘X-ray’ vision - exactly where your energy is going, and pinpoint with ‘laser-like’ accuracy where the energy leaks are. This of course means you can use Eniscope to measure and accurately quantify the efficacy of any load-side energy saving product that is available to you… thereby ensuring you will never end up being on the receiving end on a scam or rip-off product. You will KNOW if it’s a genuine product being installed on a viable application.

If you would like to find out how you can use Eniscope to help you create a robust energy management programme please feel free to contact your nearest Enigin Distributor, or simply contact us here and we will happily arrange this for you.

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