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Who can provide upto 30% energy savings for schools?

CARBON FOOTPRINT REDUCTION, sustainability and cutting energy costs are a concern across every department of a school or college. It affects budgets, concerns for the long-term life chances of the pupils and also impacts on the curriculum with a requirement for sustainability lessons.

We have the ideal answer for educational establishments with our Energy Saving solution.

Our approach combines a myriad of proven energy efficient strategies into one simple, easy to follow program. It's designed to help schools deliver on their sustainability aspirations - without adding to their workload burden.

At its core is a unique energy monitoring system - Eniscope. An Eniscope makes energy consumption visible in real-time, so you see what you are using as you use it. It allows you to pinpoint the consumption of individual pieces of equipment and eliminate energy leaks that would otherwise go unnoticed. Information is displayed in an energy dashboard which is easy to access (over a network and the internet) and, most crucially, easy to understand.

But the benefits don't end with cost and carbon reduction. Having real-time energy data accessible on the network and the internet allows pupils and teaching staff to actively participate in energy conservation. What's more EnergyMaps can be tailored to help schools achieve the internationally recognised Green Flag Award from Eco-schools www.eco-schools.org.uk

Our holistic approach ensures that clients get everything they need in one complete package - incentivised awareness training, comprehensive energy audits and specific technology recommendations which are installed on a pay-as-you-save basis and backed by a performance guarantee.

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