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Enigin - essential to low-income consumers

Enigin - essential to low-income consumers

The Department of Energy and Climate announced the governmental plan to improve the energy efficiency of low-income households, at the end of last month.

Gordon Miller, founder of online resource, commented on the situation stating that most consumers had yet to take action by employing energy efficient schemes, as a majority of them still hadn't.

The government's plan involves issuing guidelines regarding insulation and establishing new policies to lower the cost of energy saving improvements.

Consumers need to install energy efficient devices in their properties, but also in any business premises they might have, says Mr Miller, such as implementing more efficient boilers, double glazing and other technologies.

That is where Enigin PLC comes into play. With the competence of their advisers and the standards of their products, Enigin can provide the adequate solution for each consumer's specific needs. Low-income household owners who also own businesses can feel safe about choosing Enigin to implement energy efficient strategies into their premises for whatever their needs may be (lighting, refrigeration, air conditioning, etc). Indeed, Enigin offer top of the range technology in their products and their metering devices are easy to read, discrete and accessible anywhere!

A business owner choosing to turn to Enigin for his energy saving requirements will soon see his costs dramatically diminish, as his energy consumption will be analysed, measured and remedied, hence entailing a prompt investment return and profit making.

"Once most of us have taken care of these truly 'easy things' then we can progress to secondary measures like encouraging the installation of condensing boilers and a take up of microgeneration technologies," added Mr. Miller.

Friday 13th November 2009

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