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Specific Enigin Products For Specific Businesses

Specific Enigin Products For Specific Businesses

Certain energy saving methods can deliver great results in some industries but not achieve as well in others, says Henrietta Stock, The Carbon Trust's technology acceleration manager. 

For example, some manufacturing firms use most of the energy they source to make their products. They therefore need energy efficient motors, which Enigin have a specialised system for, the iMEC.

This also means that energy saving opportunities, such as Enigin PLC's efficient lighting and refrigeration systems, which apply to typical high street businesses, may not be a top priority for those firms. Henrietta Stock further notes that this is one of the problems the Carbon Trust's Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator program is faced with, considering UK industry represents around 1/4 of the country's carbon emissions.

Enigin have a solution for this problem - the Eniscope - used to measure energy usage, identify where energy is being wasted and help business owners to easily analyse trends.

The Carbon Trust's program is aiming to cut UK's carbon emissions by over 3 million tonnes, and was supported by manufacturers such as Britvic and Tarmac, earlier this month.

Enigin are able to provide all the energy efficient solutions that businesses require to comply to the new standards that are being implemented all around the world at the moment.

Businesses are now obliged to adopt new strategies in order to be more energy efficient, no matter what field they are in. Enigin can provide the installations they need and are sought out across the globe for the quality of their products.

The Carbon Trust believe that energy saving solutions, such as products Enigin PLC can offer, should vary from one business to another in order to be more effective.

Sunday 29th November 2009

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