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Haggis, Supermarkets, The Bottom Line & Enigin

Haggis, Supermarkets, The Bottom Line & Enigin

The Financial Times reports on an Edinburgh haggis maker is and has been shouting about his green credentials, this has allowed the family run business employing 50 people to not only withstand the downturn but to come through it in better shape because their actions were not just about saving the planet but safeguarding the bottom line.

Sales are rising as they follow several methods of reducing their wastage; even printing on both sides of the paper in the office, but all the sustainable and energy efficiency actions has delivered a vital competitive advantage over their competitors and in one of the most hostile business climates for decades.

Mr MacSween, joint managing director of the firm told the FT:

“There are financial benefits but I wouldn’t say it’s all about money. It’s about trying to be sustainable, which makes you more attractive. We are winning business because of our green credentials.”

To supermarkets, hotels and restaurants that value environmental standards it makes all the difference.

Other cash-strapped enterprises also have seized on the cost-saving possibilities of energy efficiency. The rewards have been striking for businesses that have preserved or even enhanced their dedication to a green agenda, for many it has made the difference between merely surviving the downturn and emerging in good shape.

The FT spoke to Lucy Neville-Rolfe, an executive director of the large supermarket group Tesco, who accepts that energy efficiency has helped them:

“In the year to 2009 we saved £100m in the UK as a result of energy efficiency,” she revealed.

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Wednesday 10th February 2010

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