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Enigin - UK's Next Step Towards Low-Carbon Economy

Enigin - UK's Next Step Towards Low-Carbon Economy

The UK's next plan of action towards a low-carbon economy was described in a speech given by the Queen a few days ago.

Similarly to most countries in the world at present, the UK strives to participate actively in the conservation of the world's resources, aware that reducing energy consumption (using energy saving products such as Enigin PLC's)  also reduces associated costs.

As specialists in the field of energy efficiency, Enigin know that energy is very expensive, and also that excess usage is damaging to the environment. Enigin have therefore developed a large range of energy saving products suited to the needs of all business - lighting, air conditioning, motors and refrigeration.

Enigin also have a smart metering tool, the Eniscope, which measures energy consumption and identifies excess usage, displaying the information in an easy-to-read format. To remedy wastage, Enigin provide energy efficient systems that will reduce energy bills considerably.

The UK's latest energy bill, showing a £9.5 billion levy on electricity generators to support 4 carbon capture and storage (CCS) demonstration projects, features as a priority on the governmental agenda.

This new energy bill will launch a mandatory strategy to help the country's low-income households with their energy costs, and will also encourage measures to monitor carbon emissions from energy generators. With carbon emission reduction as the current number one goal for the UK, regulations are being implemented to make switching to energy efficient systems accessible to businesses nationwide. Energy efficient products can save businesses anywhere from 15 to 50% on energy expenses, and reduce the business' carbon footprint simultaneously.

This will entail an increase in demand for energy efficiency professionals such as Enigin, and it will also help businesses save money so as to create more jobs and more profits. The economy has much to gain as a result of these new policies, which are ultimately aiming to stabilise climate change and preserve the environment for future generations.

Wednesday 25th November 2009

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