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Enigin - UK Funds Energy Efficiency Development

Enigin - UK Funds Energy Efficiency Development

The world's poorest nations have been granted a $10 billion fund by UK  Prime Minister Gordon Brown, to help cut emissions and deal with the impacts of climate change.

Commonwealth countries and France are supporting this initiative which was revealed during the summit of Commonwealth heads of government in Trinidad on Saturday, November 28th 2009. The UK's contribution over the next 3 years is set at £800 million.

This provides a great opportunity for organisations like Enigin PLC, a company based in the South West of England, who provide a range of energy saving solutions that are perfectly designed to meet the growing demand for cost-effective solutions. The Enigin Team have a proven track record in providing the most technologically advanced products to save both energy and money for business owners in the UK.

In addition - through a global network of Enigin Approved distributors - business owners all over the world can now turn to Enigin for all their energy efficiency implementations, including; lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration and motor driven production facilities.

Enigin PLC's Managing Director, Ian Wrigley FRSA stated "we are delighted with the results we have achieved in the region, especially with the incredible Eniscope... our Real-Time Energy Management System which has already helped many local businesses to accurately assess their energy consumption and identify those energy leaks, thereby ensuring the installation of the most efficacious energy efficient equipment. on each site"

Brown has also pledged £50 million, to be injected over the next 5 years, to set up a Climate and Development Knowledge Network in order to help transfer low-carbon and climate change knowledge and skills to developing countries. Enigin are perfectly positioned to take UK technology to a waiting global market.


Wednesday 16th December 2009

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