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Enigin - the role of IT in its success

Enigin - the role of IT in its success

The progress and use of IT is a 'key' to the proliferation of world wide energy efficiency actions, according to Warren Wilson, research director at telecoms, IT and software services organisation Ovum/Datamonitor.

Mr. Wilson made his remarks following the Green IT Expo 2009, which took place between November 10th and 11th at the Barbican Exhibition Centre in London.

Mr. Wilson believes that although substantial efforts/input from all sectors of society, and a considerable amount of time, are required to initiate energy efficient schemes, they are possible due to the potential of IT and new technologies, which he calls the 'secret weapon to combating global warming'.

Energy efficient products, such as Enigin PLC's, benefit from the most recent technology, enabling it to rank highly in the energy saving market. Many of the devices Enigin use to measure energy consumption, for example the Eniscope, rely on IT and networking.

At a time when environmentally friendly initiatives are encouraged, Enigin allow businesses to cut their costs, boost their green image and do their bit for the planet.

Friday 13th November 2009

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