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Enigin: Technology and consumer awareness for more efficiency

Enigin: Technology and consumer awareness for more efficiency

New energy efficiency schemes, which Enigin products can help implement, require technological advancement and wider public awareness in order to proliferate.

Enigin strive to provide technologically advanced products, able to drastically reduce energy consumption and costs for businesses. By using Enigin products , business owners avoid spending hard earned money on astronomical energy bills.

With the ever growing public concerns about the environment, combined to the equally increasing energy bill, Enigin provide the solution to energy wastage. Business owners can bank on quality state-of-the-art equipment, flawless service and fast showing results.

After Cambridge Econometrics recently published research showing that the government is unlikely to meet its domestic goal of a 20% reduction of carbon emissions by 2010, Neil Wallis - head of communications for the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership - commented:

"We need both [technological advances and energy usage management]. We're going to need a technology shift and a certain amount of behaviour change too".

Mr Wallis also noted that technology advancements can help to alter behaviour in a positive manner.

Friday 13th November 2009

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