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Enigin - Proposals For Climate Summit Promote Energy Saving

Enigin - Proposals For Climate Summit Promote Energy Saving

Denmark - host country for the Copenhagen climate summit from December 7th to 18th - has recently released a draft proposal ahead of the conference, stating that the world should aim for a 50% carbon emissions reduction by 2050 from 1990 levels.

This achievement is accessible cost effectively through the implementation of energy efficient systems in businesses worldwide, such as the state-of-the-art products that Enigin PLC can offer, to reduce energy consumption, save money and cut carbon emissions simultaneously.

Enigin are specialists in the field of energy efficiency and provide a wide range of efficient products for the basic needs of all businesses - lighting, air conditioning, motors and refrigeration.

The draft further expresses Denmark's belief that 80% of the global emissions cut by 2050 should emanate from rich countries.

It also requests that 2020 should be accepted by the world as the year when global emissions will peak, which highlitghts the pressing necessity to turn to energy saving solutions, for which Enigin can supply installations to businesses all over the world.

The current UN climate agreements do not make cutting emissions a mandatory requirement for developing countries, but many of them, such as China and India, are offering to deviate from "business as usual" provided rich countries give them money and technology.

These inputs from richer nations would allow developing countries to invest in energy efficient installations in order to make energy savings, in turn freeing up resources to create business opportunities and jobs.

"Parties should work together constructively to strengthen the world's ability to combat climate change," says the draft, outlining the duty that all nations of the world have in regards to curbing climate change through switching to energy efficient systems.

Although it is too late to hope for a legally biding agreement between nations, which would settle international debates (about who should cut emissions, by how much and who should pay), a political pact is nevertheless still possible.


Monday 30th November 2009

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