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Enigin News - Make Energy Saving Decisions Based On Data

Enigin News - Make Energy Saving Decisions Based On Data

It is wise to consider where energy savings can be made, but beware as it can be all too easy to make changes and not fully understand the costs involved.

Take the UK city of Coventry for instance; they could save up to 40% on energy bills thanks to new energy efficient street lighting and an innovative management system which will allow lighting levels to be dimmed. Sounds like a good system.

The project will take over 25 years and will see the replacement of 28,000 of the current 32,000 street lights in the city with more efficient LED (light-emitting diode) and energy-saving white light models than can be turned off or dimmed in specific areas.

Through this programme the Council aim to cut their energy costs and carbon emissions by 40%, but with the project costing almost £9,000 per light, questions are being raised regarding whether the return on investment is justified, particularly as the council could have gone for a cheaper scheme with a potential for better results.

Now, there are probably other factors coming into play that we are not aware of, but it does not seem have been the best of decisions although swapping out standard lights for LEDs is a good move and lighting controls are proven to make savings.

So, maybe they will save in the long run but lessons can be learnt from this example, it maybe the right decision but what have they based their decisions on? Do they know exactly what they are using on the street lights, energy-wise? When they are on and for how long? What maintenance is needed? The questions could go on.

Being a local authority I am sure they have many of these figures at their finger tips - but do they have a true picture of what is being used and spent currently?

This is a major problem for municipalities, businesses and other public sector organisations. They know what their utility bill is; they read what their consumption is form that bill, but do they have independent data as to what is happening, not just with street lights but other energy hungry equipment?

Being able to make the invisible, visible is the motto that Enigin have coined regarding their energy saving solutions.

Using Enigin’s advance, real-time energy monitoring system Eniscope, it enables decision makers to be able to see what, and how much energy and money they are using and wasting.

Eniscope’s historical data also provides easy to understand readings of where energy is being wasted. This all leads to decisions being made based on sound and proven data, so long term plans can be calculated accurately and the right return on the investment made – it will show which projects need to be carried out and which ones may not be worth even starting.

So don't be in the dark about your energy decisions - contact your local Enigin Distributor to help you see the invisible.

Friday 19th February 2010

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