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Enigin News - London Picked For Energy Efficiency Retrofit Programme

Enigin News - London Picked For Energy Efficiency Retrofit Programme

LONDON has been designated as a Low Carbon Economic Area (LCEA) by the UK Government to lead the country’s efforts to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

London is the seventh UK region to be given the LCEA status and interestingly they will focus on retrofitting energy efficiency measures into older buildings.

“London will be a world-leading centre for energy efficient buildings, specialising in retrofitting activity,” said UK Business Minister, Ian Lucas.

London has a wide and vast array of buildings from different eras, and all will require a wide range of energy efficient retrofits.

The London initiative will start by bringing together and aligning a range of existing programmes, which are worth nearly £90 million, including the Technology Strategy Board’s national ‘Retrofit for the Future’ Programme, worth over £3 million in London alone.

Enigin Distributors in the London area have a range of solutions that are ideal for retrofitting older and newer buildings, and the real-time energy management system, Eniscope, is ideal for retrofitting energy efficiency.

London’s LCEA will work with Manchester, which has already been designated an LCEA for the Built Environment, on the construction, design, maintenance, operation and financing of low carbon buildings.

Climate Change and Energy Minister Joan Ruddock stated that the move will help support a “radical transformation” in the ways buildings are heated and powered.

Thursday 18th March 2010

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