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Enigin News - Local Government Act on Energy & Emissions

Enigin News - Local Government Act on Energy & Emissions

Municipalities are big energy users - they run all sorts of energy hungry facilities and services, from street and public lighting through to large leisure centres.

Due to this diversity of energy use local authorities need to become more energy efficient to meet emission targets and reduce costs to local tax payers.

North West of London lays the town of Aylesbury and the local authority, Aylesbury Vale District Council, plan to reduce their CO2 emissions by 10% by the end of this year and 22% by 2013.
A spokesman for the District Council said:

"The council has set itself a tough longer term target of cutting its CO2 emissions by 22% by 2013, and it's not just about reducing emissions, it's about saving council tax-payers money as well.

“AVDC's annual bill for gas and electricity is around £1.6 million, so there are substantial savings to be made. The large energy users, such as leisure centres and car parks are being targeted first and any fuel savings made will be ploughed back into other energy saving works, so that any improvements needed are self-financing."

Under the Climate Change Act 2008 the UK is due to cut its carbon emissions by 34 per cent by 2020 but, according to climate change scientists, a cut of 10 per cent in 2010 is in line with what's now needed to avert runaway climate change and the council wish to go further than others to reach the target.

With these facts in mind the AVDC have joined the UK national scheme 10:10 to reduce their CO2 emissions by that 10% in 2010.
District Councillor Sir Beville Stanier, Cabinet Member for Environment and Health, said regarding the 10:10 scheme:

"Climate change is everybody's responsibility and by joining the campaign the council is pledging its commitment to take action.

"It's not just about reducing the council's emissions; by signing up we're now part of a national drive to reduce the entire country's carbon footprint. I would encourage everyone to sign up to do their bit."

Enigin and their Distributors work with many local authorities and other public organisations world wide, to help them to become energy efficient and save substantial amounts of emissions, energy and tax payers money.

Thursday 4th March 2010

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