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Enigin News - Health Trust Recognises Need for Energy Saving

Enigin News - Health Trust Recognises Need for Energy Saving

A National Health Service (NHS) Trust in Coventry in the East Midlands in the UK have launched an energy saving campaign.

The Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust – which runs the areas mental health services, is aiming to cut its carbon emissions by 10 per cent enabling it to meet strict new government targets.

NHS administrators launched the campaign this week and believe their staff can make a real difference.

But the success of the scheme is reliant on their new ‘energy champions’ to lead the way and take the extra time needed to get everyone on board.

Enigin are currently working with hospitals to help them empower their staff to become energy savers. Enigin’s Eniscope Public Display can be used to great affect to help staff, amongst others, see what savings they are making when they take energy saving actions.

Tony Lunt, the trust’s director of IT, estates and information services, said:

“We shouldn’t just leave the energy saving habits we adopt at home when we go to work.

“Being sensible with the energy we use in the workplace can help to reduce carbon emissions created needlessly every day.

"It’s early days and initially we’ll be asking staff to take part in our ‘switch off’ campaign, asking staff to recycle non-confidential papers and only print and photocopy documents when absolutely necessary.”

Enigin’s Eniscope and it's real-time energy public display shows clear easy to read data, hence when a member of staff switches on a kettle, for instance, they are able see easily the power consumption rise and the readings of the increased costs, emissions and other relevant information.

To find out how your organisation can benefit contact Enigin now - click here.

Wednesday 3rd March 2010

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