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Enigin in the Work Place

Enigin in the Work Place

Recent research, conducted by the Lumison (a UK business ISP), has shown that less than
30 % of UK companies use energy efficient products, which Enigin PLC can provide, or
carry out a carbon audit, which evaluates ways in which the company could reduce carbon

The study shows that while 70% of UK employees think that their company is energy
efficient, a very small percentage of them actually know of the various options available
to reduce a company's running costs and impact on the environment. Things like
implementing Enigin PLC's energy efficient solutions for lighting or air conditioning,
for instance, which is extremely cost effective for the consumer.

Enigin PLC's energy saving products provide significant advantages. The tremendous amount
of money that can be saved on energy bills is one of them, as is the boost it gives to
the company's image.

Someone having worked in an office before is bound to acknowledge that energy wastage is
extravagant. Lights are left on for no purpose even in broad daylight, heating and air
conditioning are on full blast even in empty meeting rooms, many fridges power on with
hardly anybody actually using them...

All these energy 'leaks' cost business owners a great deal of money and contributes to an
excess consumption of the world's resources. Enigin have the latest technology at hand to
help remedy those problems. Installing energy efficient devices is rapid, simple and most
of all, will allow businesses to drastically reduce their energy expenses.

Thursday 26th November 2009

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