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Enigin Enhance Business Image and Profit

Enigin Enhance Business Image and Profit

Businesses should implement energy efficient measures in the work
place to cut down on their carbon emissions, says the presenter of
"Dumped" on Channel 4, Rob Holdway.

Enigin supply businesses worldwide with the latest technology in
energy efficient products, thereby helping them to achieve a decrease
in carbon emissions as well as in energy costs.

When business owners choose to implement Enigin PLC's energy saving
devices, they choose to save considerable amounts of money, previously
being wasted on overly high energy bills due to inefficient appliances.

Enigin provide the solutions for lighting, refrigeration, motor
appliances and air conditioning. Their measuring tool, the Eniscope,
enables businesses to evaluate their energy consumption and identify
the source of wastage, so as to remedy the problem using Enigin PLC's
experience in the energy efficiency field.

It would appear that although most employees use energy efficient
solutions in their homes, they lose their momentum when they go to
work and forget about environmental issues.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has
published a report showing that businesses in the UK could potentially
save up to 36.4 billion/year by turning to energy efficient products.

Mr. Holdway also added that businesses should consider the
environmental factor as a commercial opportunity for them to promote
themselves with a green image.

Thursday 26th November 2009

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