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Enigin - Energy Efficiency Promoted by Top Businessman

Enigin - Energy Efficiency Promoted by Top Businessman

The Daily Telegraph, one of the UK's most prestigious papers, interviewed the Chairman of the National
Grid last week, Sir John parker, concerning his views on energy efficiency.

Sir John has successfully been implementing sustainability and energy
saving policies for years, as he worked in collaboration with numerous
major industrial and commercial organisations.

Like Enigin, Sir John is a firm believer that energy efficiency is
the cheapest and most effective way of reducing our carbon footprint,
and that businesses around the world need to invest in energy saving

Resorting to energy efficient strategies, such as those Enigin can
offer, grants businesses three significant advantages. It reduces
energy consumption; it allows a business to be more cost-efficient
(which preserves and generates jobs); and it reduces carbon emissions.

Enigin PLC puts the latest technology in energy efficiency at the
service of businesses around the world, saving them money and reducing
their energy consumption.

Enigin PLC's energy saving solutions intervene for all major energy
consuming appliances that a business uses: lighting systems,
refrigeration, air conditioning, and motoring units.

Enigin have earned their excellent reputation based on the standards
of their products, but also on the quality of the customer service
they consistently deliver, no matter where the customer is in the world.

Throughout his interview, Sir John stated that a lot more efforts had
to be put towards saving energy, and that implementing energy
efficient products would be the first piece of advice he would give
any new business owner wishing to build a low-carbon activity.

With his extensive experience, Sir John confirms Enigin PLC's
conviction that energy efficiency and using innovative energy saving
technology is the way forward for commerce and industry.

It is encouraging to see that such eminent businessmen are able to
appreciate and promote both the environmental necessity for saving
energy, and the financial advantages that this entails for businesses.

Thursday 26th November 2009

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