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Enigin - Climate Change Creating UK Floods

Enigin - Climate Change Creating UK Floods

Climate change manifests itself in many ways, one of which is the
recent flooding of Cumbria, which was described as a 'once in a
millenium' event.

An increasing number of natural disasters is going to occur and events
such as the Cumbrian floods have already started to multiply worldwide.

Climatic disturbances are mainly due to human activity, and
governments and organisations all over the world are pushing
enterprises to take action by implementing solutions that will save
energy, reduce consumption and reduce carbon emissions to preserve the
environment and prevent such catastrophes.

Energy efficiency is a valued solution for combating climate change
while giving businesses the opportunity to reduce their energy costs.
Enigin supply businesses across the globe with energy efficient
systems for lighting, air conditioning, motors and refrigeration.
Enigin PLC's products are elaborated from the latest technology and
come with meticulous customer service.

By making businesses energy efficient, Enigin contribute to the
reduction of their carbon footprint and to the conservation of the
world's natural resources. This in turn helps prevent destructive
climatic phenomena.

Cumbria endured alarmingly high rainfall (314.4mm), within 24 hrs up
to 12:45am on Friday 20th November, which was estimated to be an
all-time record for the UK.

55,000 homes and businesses were flooded, and the surrounding area
lost electricity power, water, telephone and gas facilities.

The devastating torrent took out 4 bridges and more than 100 homes
over the Derwent, before reaching the center of Cockermouth's high
street, washing away all un-anchored objects in its path (vehicles,
sheds, bins...).

Cumbrian residents have had to wade in 2.5m deep waters, and current
rainfall threatens to deteriorate the situation. Cockermouth, which
was hit hardest by the floods, is a touristic town which will suffer
economic consequences caused by the disaster.

The floods were described as being of "biblical proportions", and the
river as having "incredible force". The river's level records have
been the highest levels in 60 years, and the period from May to July
2009 has been the wettest in 250 years.

Police forces in Cumbria were faced with a major rescue operation this
weekend, evacuating residents from the affected zone.

Such events could be prevented with a general collective effort to act
responsively towards the environment. Implementing energy efficient
systems is a good way to go about this, and to save money
simultaneously. Reducing energy consumption means reducing energy
bills, and Enigin can help businesses achieve this goal.

Enigin can therefore help business owners save money and make a
valuable contribution to the conservation of our planet.

Thursday 26th November 2009

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