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Enigin Can Help Non-Domestic Buildings Save Money & Environment

Enigin Can Help Non-Domestic Buildings Save Money & Environment

The UK’s Carbon Trust’s new report has concluded that increased investment in the energy efficiency of non-domestic properties is needed to reduce their carbon footprint by a third.

The report highlights how Enigin PLC's solutions can be an ideal way for commerce, industry and the public sector to become energy efficient and meet ever increasing environmental targets and regulations, while also saving substantial amounts of money currently paid out for energy.

Although the report focuses on the UK it echoes the situation in many other countries and the information is useful for all owners and occupiers of non-domestic buildings.

The report argues that the most cost-effective means of cutting carbon emissions is through a programme of energy efficiency improvements backed governments through national energy efficiency programmes.

Such programmes can reduce the carbon footprint of non-domestic buildings by over a third and bring substantial savings, in the case of this report it is estimated that the savings could be over $6.5bn, just for the UK.

The Carbon Trust's Stuart Farmer, stated:

"Commercial and public buildings offer a big-bang for its carbon reduction buck. But it won't just happen on its own; energy efficiency needs to be the first and second priority."

Enigin offer a range of solutions that enable decision makers to implement energy efficiency in an intelligent way, with an impressive return on investment in Enigin’s energy saving equipment the decision makes financial sense while reducing a building carbon footprint. 

Tuesday 22nd December 2009

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