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Enigin And The Era of Energy Efficiency

Enigin And The Era of Energy Efficiency

The era of clean and cheaper energy sources has come at last!

As one of the last power plants, the Big Stone II, admits defeat in
the US, new opportunities arise for a change to more
environmentally-friendly and cost-effective power in the Upper
Midwest, and worldwide.

The running cost of the Big Stone II was a lot harder to finance than
readily available energy efficient solutions, bringing with them the
benefits of 21st century technology.

Energy efficiency projects not only provide more jobs for people in
their hometowns at present, but also guarantee to save money for years
to come.

Enigin understood that a long time ago, and have been providing energy
efficient solutions to hundreds of businesses around the world, who
have since been saving money as a result.

Enigin PLC's products are adapted to the most fundamental needs
regarding energy consumption (lighting, air conditioning, motoring
units, refrigeration), and continue to offer high-standard customer
service and top of the range technology.

By turning to Enigin to implement energy saving strategies, businesses
guarantee themselves better profitability through lower energy bills,
and an improved image for their customers by being pro-active in
preserving the planet.

Energy efficiency represents a win-win situation, with a colossal
potential. It has been established that the energy savings made with
energy efficiency are equal to the produce of several large coal-fired
generators, but for only a fraction of the cost.

But there is more. Energy efficiency also positively affects people
directly, by adding value to their lives in essential ways, as well as
preserving the environment and saving business owners a lot of money.

Implementing Enigin PLC's energy efficient devices actually provides a
more favourable environment for employers and staff. It contributes in
making them happier coming to work (better lighting conditions, warmer
offices in winter, cooler in summer), which in turn increases their
productivity and enthusiasm.

The time has come to switch to cleaner, more efficient, cost-effective
energy, and to preserve our planet and our finances. The world
deserves a better future.

Thursday 26th November 2009

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